Undergraduate, Masters, GCSE & A-Levels Business Studies, Law, Geography and Biology


I teach a number of different subjects including Business Management, Law, Geography, Biology and Sociology (plus other social sciences). All levels from GCSE - University. I provide a specialist essay/dissertation writing course that has helped many students deal with their academic work to achieve high grades. I have total commitment to excellence. Tuition is delivered in a challenging but supportive environment to drive students towards realizing their full potential.

I have been involved in teaching for the past 6 years and writing throughout my career which has given me an excellent balance of experience between academic theory and practical application. Over the years I have worked in a number of operational and senior management roles in business and commerce - something that greatly supports the effectiveness of my teaching. I've been able to apply the theoretical knowledge from all the disciplines that I teach to practical work, real-life situations. This been invaluable to teaching and helping me support my students from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds.


Tutoring Experience:


I have extensive experience of teaching both at the college and university levels.


Specialist Services Provided:

1. Tutorials - Essay/Dissertation Writing

2. University Personal Statements

3. Exam Preparation/Techniques

4. Self-Confidence Building/Assertive Writing

This experience helps me to provide a unique teaching experience to enable my students to achieve excellence in their work.

Tutoring Approach:

I firmly believe learning needs to be fun but relaxed, enjoyable but seriously focused on the key outcomes that the learner needs to achieve to make progress with his/her studies. This is the foundation of my approach. It brings the best out of learners. Success is guaranteed.

My approach to teaching is relaxed yet suitably focused on the needs of the student and thus student-centred. It's personalised and is not only backed up by extreme dedication and commitment, but designed to bring out the best in the student. The time spent on understanding the student, their learning style and how they perceive their academic challenges is critical to my success. My experience both of the academic and the business worlds has served to support this imaginative approach.