Why Bahrain is a good Country to live & work in

Bahrain? Where’s that?

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It was May the 5th 2014 when I first landed on this Island-Country-Kingdom of Bahrain, and I immediately felt the rush of the city, and the amazing diversity of the residents here, not to mention the intense heat, since it was at the peak of summer —It’ll get way better, trust me, I later found out that they had “winter” time here later that year. Initially you’d think, where’s Bahrain? or whats that? Bahrain is not usually a known country, hopefully at the end of this read, It’ll get you wanting to know more about the country.

Let’s jump right in, the reason of this blog is to talk about how I found the Kingdom of Bahrain to be a great country to work in.

The Locals are kind and hospitable.

Bahrain is really Expat Friendly!
Before I got into working in Bahrain, I initially came here to study University, and it was a fun experience getting to know the locals at University, making friends with them, and those of different ethnicities as well.

I found them to be really kind and welcoming, and as soon as I started working my first job, most of the locals were very kind as well, they really took time in helping their employees grow their best as they worked, and they really take initiative to train and make sure that you are comfortable and equipped enough.

The environment is inviting


What I mean by this is that, Bahrain has a really inviting atmosphere, you may find yourself culture shocked at first, (just like how I was) but as soon as you get adjusted, ( to the weather, the timezone, and the people) you’ll have that feeling that’ll make you go, “this isn’t a bad country to work in at all.” I mean the food is amazing and the prices are really affordable too but that aside, once you experience the working atmosphere of the country yourself, you’ll definitely be convinced.

It’s fairly easy to get around places


Bahrain may be a small island-Kingdom but it has its benefits.
There are buses in Bahrain that take you anywhere in the island, it may take some time to get to your destination, because of the routes and stops that the buses normally take, but you’ll have a comfortable ride on the way, All buses are fully air conditioned with seats that are quite okay. Transportation through private drivers and taxis make getting from place to place very accessible as well.

there are many more reasons on why Bahrain is a great country to reside and work in, from great work timings to amazing food, from breathtaking architecture and scenes, to awesome work places and work environments. There’s just something special about the Kingdom of Bahrain; In this Island Kingdom I call home.

I Hope you Enjoyed the Read, God bless you!

Blog written by : Jeger Salazar

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