TeachBahrain FAQs


Is tutoring right for me?

A: Every student can benefit in working and learning with a private tutor, preparations of study can be customizable for each individual

Tutoring is a good option for students who:

Are with busy schedules

Need one-on-one or focused attention

Have score-improvement goals

Learn in a unique fashion

Are easily distracted

Have limited time to prepare for a test

What is the introductory session for?

A: The introductory session is to test each student in order to find and pin point their strengths and weaknesses, in our introductory sessions we have certified counselors to counsel each individual student for the plausible career path that they are most compatible to take through the assessments and advices based on the result of the session.

Is tutoring worth the investment?

A: Absolutely! Tutoring is personalized based on the students desire of learning , strengths, challenges, and learning style. Every one of our tutors is backed up by outstanding support materials!

What package is right for me?

A: we can customize and recommend a tutoring package that meets you needs and goals, with a careful assessment. since each student works at different paces and varying goals.

What is included in tutoring packages?

A: In addition to tutoring hours, students will receive subjects that they’ve picked with tests, quizzes, exercises, and activities, in a fun and modern teaching method.

Where do the classes and tutoring sessions take place?

A: The tutoring sessions take place at our academy. The location can be found at out home page

How are teaching hours broken up?

A: Tutoring sessions can be an hour and a half of two hours long depending on the availability of both the students and the teachers.

Our tutors will work best side by side to meet your personal learning style and scheduling needs.

What’s Special about TeachBahrain?

A: At TeachBahrain, we incorporate fun in learning, to transform traditional & boring learning methods, in to a fun, impactful and engaging one, in order to achieve the best learning experience we can offer, students. we assure the best learning quality for students who are ready to sharpen their skills and rediscover their potential.