1. Payments are made on a monthly basis with fees due on the 1st of each calendar month. If a student joins in the middle of the month, they are required to settle the fees for that month (adjusted on a pro-rata basis) + the next month to initiate the desired course.

  2. Class availability will be decided according to the tutors’ schedule, and learning groups are created and managed by the teachers and TeachBahrain staff. We do not restrict our classes to one-to-one tutoring unless it is mentioned in the admission form.

  3. Once the schedule is confirmed by the tutor and the student, there will be no further amendments to the class timings. However, if a student wishes to increase their sessions, they can check the concerned tutor’s schedule and settle the fees for the added sessions.

  4. TeachBahrain maintains a strict no refund policy.

  5. If a student cancels a session, there is no compensatory session or a refund of fees. Students who arrive late for a scheduled session will not be compensated for the lost time.

  6. Any misbehavior with staff members results in direct termination of the contract without any refunds.

  7. Students will be fully liable for any damage caused to TeachBahrain property.

  8. The academy will be closed during all public holidays.