Being Organized: the benefits of overcoming the challenge.


From a cluttered room to an unplanned day, there are times where you’d just like to shake away the laze, get up, and finally be organized — with well.. just about everything. There are challenges with getting organized though, at times its easier said than done, especially if you’re so used to a overly relaxed lifestyle of not caring which goes which. ( I myself have struggled with this. )

Right now we’re going to go through how to overcome the challenge of being unorganized in life, to finally see the transformation on how being organized can make a difference in your every day experiences.


cluttered  vs clean bedroom.jpg

It starts in your bedroom, yes, a messy atmosphere can affect how you go about your day, if you can relate to that feeling, it’s time to segregate, and organize your home base. ( That is, your bedroom )

Set aside clutter and sort out what you use, and what you don’t use that often. it can be clothes lying around, paperwork scattered in the desk, pens, coins, and books you never read, just gathering dust,
segregation is one way to keep order in your room. Waking up to a neat room is one way to start a peaceful day, preparing your mind for what the day has to offer. Make sure to maintain the segregation once you’ve tidied up your room. Most people end up cluttering their rooms all up again. Once you’ve mastered segregation, you can apply it to the rest of your day, from your work to your weekly schedules.

Benefit: You learn discipline through segregation.

Plan your Day


Another organizing skill you can master is planning your day; and what you have in mind to do today.

Make a list of things and tasks you’d like to accomplish for the day. If you’re studying, make a plan on tackling lessons your teacher discussed, essays that need writing and when you want to finish up home works that are due.

If you’re working, plan out a list of workload you’d want to clear out and finish for the day. it’s extremely helpful to make room for new work to finish to avoid being backtracked and stressed out!

although in most cases the day doesn’t go exactly as you planned it out to be, the fact that you made a plan and prepared for it is what matters, and you’ll find yourself feeling more accomplished and productive !

Benefit: You learn how to manage your time wisely

Keep your mind uncluttered

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Just like how your outside surroundings affect the way you go about the day, your inside thoughts also lead you to what day you are about to experience. It starts from the inside out first, keeping your mind in order is the most important skill you must pick up in having an organized space, and living an organized life.

Your day can potentially be chaotic, and you’ll be tempted to cave in to chaos and the awry thoughts of it. Don’t entertain and magnify stress, keep your thoughts aligned with peace and collectivity,

and when you keep your mind in check, of thinking only of things that would benefit you, you’ll find that keeping the steps that we discussed above, on how to be organized, to be as easy as taking a step !

Benefit: You learn to be more calm and collective

I hope these simple steps boost you to your journey on making and keeping your atmosphere an organized one !
Godspeed !

Blog Written by: Jeger Salazar

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