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What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling or as it is also commonly known as home education is the education option of children at home or in various locations and places other than school premises. Home education is often held by parents or tutors, both in-person and online. There are a number of families who have accustomed to less formal ways of teaching, the term “Homeschooling” is commonly known and used in North America, where “Home Education is” often found being used in Europe, the United Kingdom, and other commonwealth countries

Are you considering homeschooling your child? at TeachBahrain we offer special courses in Bahrain that would fit a full-time study program for your child’s needs.

Our Academy specializes in just that. Tutors take care of building the student’s skills, teaching, and refining those that he/she is already in potential of possessing, with quality learning in a fun and engaging way.

At TeachBahrain we measure growth and improvement through our special scaling systems

TeachBahrain Motivation Scale.gif

The Motivation Scale measures if the students enjoy their time learning at TeachBahrain, this helps us with directing their energies towards skill-building.

A low score on the motivation scale helps us cycle students into different groups or reduce class hours, to make sure their time is being used efficiently.

TeachBahrain Absorption Scale.gif

The Absorption Scale measures how much students are able to learn per session. This helps us identify what class of groups they should be a part of, and how much syllabus they are capable of covering per week.

We assign students to work, based on their absorption rate. A student with a high absorption can be assigned more work and complete their course earlier.

TeachBahrain Retention Scale.gif

The Retention Scale measures how much students are capable of remembering from the syllabus taught. This helps us understand and adopt a teaching style based on the requirements of each student.

Retention scores help us understand the student’s capacity, and how frequently course material needs to be revised for them to fully learn it.

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We assure that every individual receives just as much, or even more acquired knowledge than that which a traditional school can provide in a more intentional and focused manner.

Parents who are conservative with what, and how their children learn, will find that it is a challenging task to search for the right school for their child to grow and develop their knowledge and skills.

We believe that every individual is unique in their own way, and we don't go about with tiring out students with unnecessary and irrelevant subjects, rather we aim on a more focused ,engaging, and fun way of teaching students how to live out the best in life with practical lessons, and personal development.

Traditional schools exhaust students and tend to disregard their individual interests. At TeachBahrain our teachers are passionate about growing and paying attention to student’s individual passions and personal interests, we are rooted in the idea of a fun and new way for students to learn, going above the traditional school teaching method.

Our teachers are young, and are experts in their field— who understand their students better and teach in more modern and interactive study methods,

We offer the following services ( but not limited to ) :

  • Convenient lesson timings

  • Regular classes scheduled to be like that of a traditional school, with focused groups of 8

  • Boarding services for International students

  • Life skills

  • Personality Development

  • Career Development

Our tutors, and teachers in Bahrain are available, and equipped to the development, and readiness of your child, to face their future and to usher him / her into success and at the same time growing in their potential skills.

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