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Special Needs Education

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At our learning centre, our tutors understand that learning disabilities are complex and go beyond the stereotypical perceptions of the disorder as simply reading difficulties, or letter reversals. They vary considerably, both in terms of the functions they impact and the severity of the impact experienced. The appropriate accommodations depend upon the individual’s strengths as well as his or her specific difficulties.

We accept kids in a broad range of ages, from 4-19; And we address an equally broad range of learning difficulties and challenges on a case-by-case basis, including Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD ASD, Speech and Language needs, to name a few.

Unlike many other disabilities, identifying a learning disability poses some particular challenges since processing disorders are assessed through inference based on student responses. It might not be obvious that a student’s learning difficulties are due to a learning disability. The specific needs of individuals with learning disabilities change and evolve throughout their lifetime.

We are an academy in Bahrain, and we are trained to assist children with speech and language impairment, memory difficulty, arithmetic, reading and writing disorder, spelling and auditory processing disorders, social cues disorder etc.

When teachers differentiate instruction, they provide students with the structures to maximize strengths, work around weaknesses, and experience timely remediation. This enables students to take advantage of effective learning strategies as they begin to understand their own personal learning styles, interests, needs, and engage with their learning. As a result, student motivation increases.

Our special needs schooling is carefully designed to increase your child’s ability to focus, problem solve, follow instructions, think critically and succeed.

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