TeachBahrain Summer Camp


Summer Camp 2020

Looking for an epic summer camp in Bahrain? Ready to spend your summer in pursuit of absolute academic excellence, without missing out of fun summer activities? You have found the right place to do just that,

We bring you TeachBahrain’s Summer Camp, we are glad to introduce you to what we have in store for 2020. We are offering numerous activities, such as

  • All school level subjects in IGCSE’s, SAT, IB and A-Levels

  • Fitness tracks and training

  • Career development

  • Career relevant activities (Firm visits, practical career exercises)

  • Exam preparations for all School Levels

  • Team building activities

  • English Learning

  • Core subjects strengthening (Math,Sciences, English)

TeachBahrain Summer Camp will be the best choice for your child. We are building this Summer Camp with the intention to get your child ready for the world’s challenges while working on his/her foundation base of core academic subjects and mixing it with fun.

Our Summer Camp will have 3 phases.


Phase 1 - Life Skills:


1) Etiquettes & Basic Mannerisms - Lessons on how to behave formally and effectively in society.

2) Political & Religious Awareness - Information on the cultures, traditions, and teachings of world religions.

3) Bahrain Legal System Information -Lessons on the the information of legal systems in Bahrain.

4) Bahrain Banking System Information - Lessons about the country’s banking system.

5) Health & Nutrition Coaching - Coaching on how to eat healthy and how to observe proper nutrition.

6) Defense Training - Lessons on how to defend one’s self, includes: fight styles,grappling techniques etc.

7) Cooking Skills - Cooking lessons on both basic, and complex cooking techniques.

8) Psychological & Social Training - Lessons on how to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

9) Career Management - Training on how to apply for a job, school or university admission and how to apply for an international visa.

10) Team Building -Lesson and activities on how to perform effectively in a team.

Phase 2 - Academic


1) Foundational base work on the core academic subjects - Teaching on Core Subjects: English, Science and Math

2) Teaching all the school, IGCSE & ALevel subjects - Offering lessons and Tutoring in all school level subjects

3) English & IELTS Preparation - IELTS Courses, training and exercises.

4) Helping your child with a local school or international university admission/placement - How to get into university, and essential information on how to enroll in a university

5) Computer Skills - Lessons on the latest Technology, and IT specialization

Phase 3 - Fun & Adventure


1) Fitness Training - Lessons and training on effective mass gain, and weight loss techniques

2) Yoga Training - Lessons on yoga techniques, form, and potential benefits

3) Dance Classes - Classes on losing weight through different dance styles.

4) Fighting Defense Classes - Classes on how to defend yourself using different Fighting styles and teachniques.

5) Swimming - Lessons and basics on how to swim.

6) Board Games & Movies - Join TeachBahrain board game club and learn to strategize, cooperate, make critical decisions, and have fun without using your phone.

7) Historical, Adventurous & Fun Activity Tours - Take Tours around Bahrain, learning it’s history and discovering places you’ve never been before.

We have a lot to offer your child this year at TeachBahrain's Summer Camp. Don't miss the opportunity to give your child a chance at learning and improving his overall skills. Enrollment is open now!


Package Information

Achiever - Choose up to 6 activities

Thinker - Choose up to 12 activities

Genius - All activities