teach bahrain 🎲 board game club

A place to strategize, conquer & win.


boardgame club in bahrain

TeachBahrain Board game club is an exclusive part of the learning experience of students here in the Academy. Students can relax, interact with Tutors and other students in fun ways, and at the same time learn about how to come up with unique strategies and how to take risks in critical decision making.

Including a wide array of awesome board games such as:

Did you Know? When Joining a board game club, students gain improvements on skills such as community socialization and unique-21st-century critical thinking, that’s right! Board games create a community for students to have fun, and at the same time learn, and grow their thinking map, to help them make critical decision in the future to better their outcome.

If you’re interested in studying at TeachBahrain, you wont regret that decision. say good bye to boring yourself with memorization, and jump right in the train of fun and learning. The Impact it will make is a guarantee.