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what is foundation?

Foundations of Education states, a widely-considered field of educational study that originates its character and methods from a number of academic disciplines, combinations of disciplines, and area studies, as well as: history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, religion, political science, economics, psychology, cultural studies, comparative and international education, educational studies, and educational policy studies. As different from Psychological Foundations of Education, which depend on the behavioral sciences, these Standards discourse the Social Foundations of Education, which count heavily on the disciplines and methodologies of people, particularly history and philosophy, and the social sciences, such as sociology and political science.

The purpose of foundations study is to bring these disciplinary resources to stand in developing interpretive, normative, and critical perspectives on education, both in and out of schools.

what is diploma?

A diploma is a document presented by a college or university to show that you have passed a specific exam or successfully completed a course of study.

what is Undergraduate?

Undergraduate refers to a student at a college or university who has not yet received a first and specifically a bachelor's degree

What is Masters?

Masters is a degree that is presented to a student by a college or university traditionally after one or two years of additional study following a bachelor's degree.

What is doctorate?

A doctorate degree is the uppermost level of academic degrees. a doctorate degree usually takes four years to complete, (post-bachelor's degree). If you already achieved a master’s degree, it may be possible that you are able to complete a doctorate in the same subject range with only three years of extra full-time study.

University Program Preparation

Undergraduate preparation

At our learning centre we prepare University undergraduates in Bahrain to be ready to face the tasks and challenges that lie in them taking their bachelor degrees in Universities and Colleges. Undergraduate preparation is designed to help students finish bechelor degrees to figure out certain fundamental lessons in education on succeeding in University. Areas such as:

managerial and administrative skills

political skills in seizing and defending resources vital to the performance of their role

public relations and marketing skills concerning their practice.

Masters Preparation

are you interested in getting your MA, MBA or MSc ? Get prepared in taking your masters degree now, in our masters degree preparation course. Preparing for masters is important, because, unlike bachelor degrees, masters requires more theoretical and concept awareness of the subject due to the level of specifications in the study. upon the completion of the preparatory course students will:

Understand and efficiently use academic language and subject-specific vocabulary

Follow a lecture at advanced graduate level and write effective notes

Understand the layout of academic seminars and use appropriate language

Critically assess academic texts and write informatively about them

Write well-organized, clear and influential essays

Conduct effective research using a variety of informative sources and write clearly about the results

Gain a higher IELTS or GMAT score

Produce an impressive university application

Online University Degrees

TeachBahrain's University programs can aid you in your journey towards obtaining a University of Essex or Hertfordshire degree.

TeachBahrain University University diplomas in Bahrain

The mode of learning will be ''Online'' which is no different from campus-based learning and the word "online" does not appear anywhere on your degree. Online or campus learning is just a means of learning and at the end, students from both modes of learning will achieve the same degree. The courses are based on an assignment based approach which means- no examinations.

The biggest advantage is that an Online degree is substantially cheaper and it also gives you the opportunity to work part-time or stay back in your home country. It keeps you away from the hassle of traveling, being away from your family, high living expenses and expensive tuition fees in the UK.

Enroll in our online university in Bahrain and finish online degree courses on BSc programmes such as: IT, Computer Science, and Engineering, and BA programmes such as: Marketing, Accounting, Management, and Business Administration.

Benefits from our University program

  • Graduate in the UK

  •     Study from Anywhere

  •     24 hours Availability of Learning Resources

  •     No Highschool Certificate Required

  •     No Other Forms of Certifications Required

  •     Complete Assistance with The Course Material Throughout the Duration of the Course

  •    Cheaper than Full-time Degree Courses

  •     Certified Degrees from the University of Essex & Hertfordshire

  •     The word ‘Online’ is NOT Mentioned on the Degree

  • Advice and help in authoring a Final Thesis

  •     Full-Control of Studynet Account