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Schools done, What’s next? Here at TeachBahrain, our aim is your success in the future, students will receive guided help and careful assessments in discovering their careers, based on their individual interests and strengths of course.

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Career Development goal in Bahrain
Career Development in Bahrain
Career Development in Bahrain


All A level and IGCSE students have access to our careers service. This can be one-off advice or a series of sessions. At GCSE level, the Assemblies are used to provide insights into various career options and students are encouraged to start reading about job roles and functions. The career advice at A level is largely undertaken by the Director of Studies (DoS) who steers students in the right direction and highlights literature that can be accessed to help make more informed decisions. The DoS also works closely with teaching colleagues who can further explain what is entailed in careers such as business, medicine, engineering or the media.


Some students find it difficult to write a personal statement. Students at TeachBahrain are supported individually throughout the process and encouraged to think carefully about why they are applying for a particular course and the career that may follow. The College is skilled at encouraging and guiding students in constructing a narrative about them that truly reflects their experience and interests and concisely explains why they may wish to study a specific subject.


Preparing every student for life after A levels is very important to us so each student is given a personalized programme of support.

All university applicants will be individually guided through the process; students needing several one-to-one sessions with our Director of Studies will be granted these - there are no group sessions. A typical programme of support would include:

  • Careers advice
  • Personal statement preparation
  • Support with applying for work experience (CV and covering letter writing)
  • Mock interviews and feedback
  • Advice on preparing for admissions, aptitude & entrance tests
  • How to handle interviews
  • This ensures each student will make a strong application.

Have you figured out your career path? We’ll figure it out with you, so you’ll never regret taking the wrong career, in the long run. students will be offered:

  • Personal Assessments - where students will be tested with their strengths and personal interests for a possible career path they are compatible with.

  • Practical Studies - based on the career that is to be pursued, practical lessons will be discussed in order for students to prepare them, and to know what to take in their future University courses and curriculum.

  • Career Management - is the combination of structured planning and the active management choice of one's own professional career.

all the assessments and review studies all boil down to Career Management, Students will be asked to make a short presentation about their career choice to test their ability to succeed in such career.

TeachBahrain provides a variety of FREE training programs to help you:

  • with job-related tasks;

  • improve your interpersonal skills; and

  • balance your work and personal life effectively.

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